Monday, August 20, 2012

Ghostwriting Groupie: Collaborative versus Co-dependent

Me and Enpde, well, there is something that I have noticed about us. We spend a lot of time connected and connecting. It seems sometimes like much more than other couples. Heck, even more than some BFFs talk to each other. So, I imagine sometimes behind (other people's) closed door the word "co-dependent" gets thrown around.

I prefer collaborative. And really, it's much more fitting in many ways. Dishes, laundry, dinner, audio mixing, video production and walking the dog...we each have our strengths and weakness there and try to accommodate each other accordingly.

I can live and function perfectly well without Enpde, but why would I want to?

Take the track "The Biggest Loser" It was born from a series of seemingly never-ending wrong number calls I was receiving. I played them for him one night while we were hanging out at Spaerderum Studios. He recorded them, equalized them, started working his magic with one particular section then voila! He played the final product. I suggested the title. Then, as totally a labor of love, something to cheer him up, I tinkered around and got the video together. Well, two videos together before he got home. I didn't have to do it. He never asked me to do it. I just wanted to do it. Sometimes, I know what the mood was that caused him to produce a certain piece. Sometimes, I very strongly have my own inspiration to a piece.

Honestly, if we could make all the money we needed from Spaerbedrum, it would be a dream. Him at his console and me plopped on the futon. It would be sweet. Super sweet. Not kidding.

So, go watch the video and help fuel our collaborative, codependent rock and roll fantasy ;)

I realize that this is not Thursday, and I said Thursdays. I got a job that has irregular (aka NOT 9 to 5) hours so I am way off schedule in everything.Especially the laundry

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